Whatsapp Plus Apk Latest Version Download For Android | Official 2022

Whatsapp Plus Apk Official: As we know Whatsapp Plus Apk is one of the most popular and famous android mod applications of the Whatsapp Messenger app. In our last article, we share a new and latest version of WhatsApp Messenger Apk with its feature list. Whatsapp Messenger Apk has many mods or alternative applications like GBWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, Disa App, Parallel Space, and much more. So here we are going to share one of the best WhatsApp mod apps that is Whatsapp Plus Apk. Here we give you a direct link to download Whatsapp Plus Apk for Android devices with its installation guide.

Whatsapp Plus Apk

As a name of application “Whatsapp Plus”, an application has many extra features than official Whatsapp Messenger Apk. Whatsapp Plus is a modded android application of Whatsapp Messenger Apk. Here below we give all feature of Whatsapp Plus Apk that shows you why this application is much better than official Whatsapp Messenger Apk. One best thing about this application is that you can install this application simultaneously to the official WhatsApp Messenger Apk. One main advantage of this mod apk is that you can use dual Whatsapp account in your single device. So if you wish to use two WhatsApp accounts in your single device then this mod application is best.  This mod application is also known as dual WhatsApp account apk or multiple WhatsApp account Apk.

There are many cool and extra features are available in this mod version application that is not available in official WhatsApp Messenger application. With this mod application, you can hide your last seen even if you are online, you can change your WhatsApp application icon, inbuilt lock facility to application, you can hide your personal chat with pattern lock, you can able to send more than 10 images at a time, you can also able to hide message double tick and blue tick that means you can receive and read message of anyone without any confirmation to your sender. These features indicate that you have full control over the application and you can use it as per your choice.

Features OF Whatsapp Plus Apk Latest Version 2022:

Here below we list all feature of this android mod application and this features shows you why this android mod application has many active users as compared to official WhatsApp Messenger Apk.

1. Change Application Launcher Icon: You can change whatsapp application icon to any available color. You can do this from menu=>more options. You also able to change notification icon from here.

2. You can use dual WhatsApp account in one phone: This application gives dual WhatsApp trick with your single device that means you can use dual WhatsApp on your device. For that, you need to install official Whatsapp as well as this mod version on your device. Yes, it is possible to install both WhatsApp application on your device without face any problem.

3. You can set your status up to 255 characters: Now with this mod version apk you can set your status long up to 255 character that is not possible in official Whatsapp Apk.

4. Provide you lots of custom themes: In this Whatsapp Plus Apk, you got lots of custom themes. So, you can set any custom theme to your chat screen. You can also request the developer of this mod application to add your custom theme to this application.

5. Track your contact who currently online: As stated earlier you got a many custom theme that you can able to set to your Whatsapp. With the help of this custom themes, you can know easily who currently online. Once you set this custom theme to your Whatsapp it will display a message on your screen whenever any contact is online.

6. You able to disable video call service: If you want to disable video call service then you can easily be done this from the menu option.

7. Show you 24 hour online with always online feature: If you want to set always online to your profile then you just need use this always online feature. Once you on this feature then it will show everybody you are online even if you are not using WhatsApp. So, this feature is best to show your profile always online to your friends and family. You can also do a reverse of this process, this means you can also set your profile to always offline even if you are using WhatsApp.

8. Send and receive GIF animation: With this new modded version you can send and receive gif animation.

9. You able to change font style and background color: If you want to modify your background color and font style then you can do this from the menu option.

10. You can send any type of documents file like ppt, excel, pdf etc: You can share your document files with your friends and family easily.

11. Copy status of your friends directly to the clipboard: Now with this amazing feature, you can directly copy your friend status to a clipboard.

12. You can save your chat on your email account: If you want to save your personal chat for a lifetime then it is possible with “email chat” feature. Yes, you can email your chat and save it permanently to your email account.

13. You can set audio or video status to your profile: You can set your video or audio status for 24 hours which is visible to your Whatsapp contacts. You can also change status visibility to the specific contact from status privacy.

14. Directly send your Whatsapp group invitation link to join a group: If you want to add more group member to your Whatsapp group then it can be completed easily by sharing your group joins invitation link to your contacts.

15. With this new version, all other bugs are fixed: With this Whatsapp plus update old bugs are fixed and new features are added.

16. Backup and restore the facility to recover our data: Whatsapp plus apk provide you a facility to restore your old data.

17. You can hide online status: Can you have a question for how to change my last seen on Whatsapp? OR how to hide my last seen in Whatsapp?  Then here you got an answer for this question. With this mod application, you can hide your last seen. For that, you need to change your last seen to offline from privacy as shown in below image. You can also use Whatsapp online widget to set you last seen to offline. Here below we show you both tricks to change you last seen to offline.a). How To Hide Online Status with WhatsApp Plus On Android:

  • First, open your Whatsapp Plus Apk. Click on three dots on the upper right corner then tap on Privacy option as shown in below image.
  • Then Tap on Hiding Online Status. Now you can use your Whatsapp without showing you online to your friends
  • b). Hide Your Online and Offline Status On Whatsapp Android Trick (Whatsapp Online Widget):

    • Now in this trick, we are going to show you how to hide your WhatsApp last seen with the Whatsapp online widget.
    • First, open your Android device and long press on your device screen to open widget menu
    • Now scroll left and search for hiding online status and tap on that widget.
    • After you tap on that widget it will come on your device screen. From that widget, you can directly change your last seen by just tap on that widget as shown in below image.

Download Whatsapp Plus Apk Latest Version For Android:

So finally, here we are going to give you safe and secure link to download Whatsapp Plus Apk latest version for Android devices. This type of mod application is not available in the play store so here below we give you a direct link to download free Whatsapp plus 2022 apk. So, if face any type of problem in the downloading process then drop your comment here.

How To Install Whatsapp Plus Apk On Android Devices:

  • First download Whatsapp Messenger plus app from above safe link.
  • Now, open downloaded apk file and tap on it.
  • Then press next until you got “app install” message on your device screen.
  • Now open Whatsapp plus app and enter your mobile number.
  • It will verify your mobile number with OTP verification process.
  • It will ask you for backup and restore so if you want to take back of your message then tap on backup and restore otherwise top on skip.

  • Finally, your installation process is successfully completed. Now, you can open and enjoy this mod app.

Does phone root is required to install Whatsapp plus:

Obviously not, you can use this Whatsapp plus app on your android device without rooting your Android device. You can access all features of Whatsapp plus app with rooting your android device. And if you want to know more about Android rooting then click on below button that gives you a tutorial on how to root Android device with kingroot app.

how to use WhatsApp plus app on pc or laptop

If you have a question for how to use WhatsApp plus app on pc or laptop? Then here we give you simple way to use Whatsapp plus app on pc or laptop. There are many ways to use Whatsapp on PC or laptop. Here below we give you two simple way to use Whatsapp plus app on PC. first, one is scan Whatsapp plus app QRcode on your PC or laptop or the second one is use blue stack emulator.

how to use WhatsApp plus app on pc with a blue stacks emulator

Now here we are going to show you how to download and install blue stack emulator on your pc or laptop to use Whatsapp plus application on PC or laptop. Here below we give you safe link to download blue stack emulator and also give you step by step for install the blue stacks emulator on your PC.

What is Bluestacks Emulator?

The blue stack is American technology software that is developed for PC or laptop device which enables your PC or laptop to run any Android application easily. With this software, you can install Whatsapp plus app on your PC. The blue stack is a free to use software emulator that enables your PC to run any android application. So, using this blue stack emulator software you can run Whatsapp plus app on your PC or laptop.

Download Bluestacks Emulator?

Here below we give you safe and secure link to download Bluestacks emulator for your PC. Using this free emulator software you can run any android application on your PC or laptop. So, don’t wait, go below and download this amazing software for your pc device and use this Whatsapp plus app on your PC.

How to install and use blue stacks emulator?

  • First, download the software from the above-given download link.
  • Now install the .exe file on your PC.
  • Then download Whatsapp Plus app from the above-given download link.
  • Now, open you blue stack emulator on your PC.
  • Open Whatsapp plus app with the blue stack emulator and install it on your PC.
  • Verify your mobile number with Whatsapp plus account and enjoy this amazing chatting application on your PC.

How To Use WhatsApp Plus App On PC With QR Code

You can use your WhatsappPlus account on your PC with installing blue stack emulator. Yes, this is possible with the help of whatsapp QR code feature. Here below we show you how to use this QR code features to use whatsapp account on your PC. With this feature, you can use whatsapp on pc without blue stacks emulator. Here below we give you an explanation for this tutorial.

  • First, install whatsapp plus app on your Android device.
  • Now, open the application and click on three dots to open menu options.
  • Now, Tap on whatsapp web it will show you QR code scanner.
  • After that open web.whatsapp.comon you PC/Laptop. It will show you barcode.
  • Now, scan this code and use your whatsapp on your PC.

Whatsapp plus app for ios and windows phone

Omar is the developer of whatsapp plus apk. Currently, this mod application is available for the only Android mobile device. Whatsapp plus app for ios and windows device is currently not in the market. We know that there are lots of search for ios and windows devices. but currently, it is not available for this devices. We share whatsapp plus app for ios and windows device when it will completely develop.

Is whatsapp plus safe to use?

When whatsapp plus apk is launched whatsapp inc. (official developer) make a claim on it. Because Whatsapp plus apk has the same feature with the official app. Whatsapp plus has some extra feature that is not available in whatsapp apk. After claim whatsapp plus is banned for some time. But as we know android is open source platform so anyone can modify any Android application without any permission. So after some struggle whatsapp plus is reborn and now currently this mod application has lots of active users and it is safe to use without any issue.

Final Content: Here We share the latest version of whatsapp plus apk and give you a safe and direct download link. But still, if have any type of problem in the downloading process then drop your comment. We hope you like our this article. Give your feedback to us by rating this article and also share this article with your friends on social media platform. Thank You.

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