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HTML is markup language. It stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML editor is just like text editor, with some extra features like: Syntax highlighting, show HTML code output etc. Here you can download HTML Editor apk for free. This is one of good html editor for android. I have also enlist the other recommended html simple light weight editors for android.

HTML Editor APK Description and Details

Application consists on two parts. HTML editor and HTML viewer. In this app you can create, edit, update and view the output of HTML source code. This is just like the notepad ++ in the computer. In this you can create new html projects, files and edit them. It support the syntax color show. This editor is not much power full but a good one for the start html codding in android phone.

HTML Viewer APK – How to View html page in android?

Often newbies ask about how to view the html code result in there android smart phone. Actually, html code result can be view in any browser. Every browser is actually nothing but, the Html viewer so, also it can be called as html viewer apk. HTML editor apk has feature to run code and see result inside app. As well as, also give you option to see result in the any browser. I suggest it is best to see html result in chrome browser in your android smart phone.

HTML Editor APK Features:

Who needs to type <span></span> when you can type length and press a catch?

Make, alter and see HTML, CSS and javascript documents.


– Syntax featuring

– Undo/Redo

– Auto-space

– Shortcut catches

– View HTML archive

– HTML5 layout

Tips: manager/

This application incorporates File administrator, HTML Editor and HTML watcher. Enhance your HTML, JavaScript and CSS abilities. You can even utilize it to alter basic XML.

Highlight document supervisor:

Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete single document, records, single envelope, organizers or mix

Rename document, organizer

Peruse documents

Open documents with default applications

Make new void document with or with no augmentation

Make new organizer

Document names are checked to keep any issues (images like/, \, :, % and so on are overlooked in record names since they are illicit characters)

Some recommended other apps related to html viewer in android phone

1: 920 text editor apk (Best)

2:  Download NotePad APK for Android free

HTML editor apk Screenshots:

Snaps of this light weight  HTML editor apk are given below: