GBWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version For Android | Update 2022

GBWhatsApp Apk: Hello folks, now In this post we are going to share the latest and new version of GBWhatsApp. As we know that Whatsapp Messenger Apk is one of the most famous and popular android chatting applications. GBWhatsapp is a mod application of official Whatsapp Messenger Apk. As we know that mod of any Android application has many extra features than the official apk. So in this article, we are going to share the latest and new version of GBWhatsapp Apk. And also show you how to install and what are the extra features that are available in this mod application. So if you want to enjoy this awesome WhatsApp mod application then Download GBWhatsapp Apk latest version for Android from here. GBWhatsapp 6.40 is one of the best mod versions of the official Whatsapp Messenger Apk. In this new and official version, you got many amazing features like hiding writing status, an inbuilt lock and much more.

GBWhatsapp Apk

You got many extra cool features from this mod application that are not available in Whatsapp apk. Over the internet there are many mod application of Whatsapp messenger is available and in our last article, we also share one more best mod of Whatsapp messenger that is Whatsapp plus apk. Whatsapp plus is an also the best alternative to GBWhatsapp Apk. This both mod application of Whatsapp messenger apk has almost same features so if you have any problem with one mod application, then you have one another way to get this awesome features of GBwhatsapp mod application with GBMod.

Features Of  GBWhatsApp Apk

In the previous article, we also share Whatsapp Plus Apk latest version of the Android device. The functionality and features of this both mod application is same. Bunowherere, below we give all detail feature of GBWhatsapp Apk. These awesome features realize that why this Whatsapp mod application has lots of active user than official Whatsapp apk.

  • You got inbuilt lock facility: With this GBWhatsapp apk, you got the inbuilt lock facility. So, You don’t need to install any third party application for privacy purpose. Well, You can also set this passcode security to your specific chat. You can set a passcode to your Whatsapp account from menu(three dots) – GB Setting – Lock as shown in below image.

And if you want to set a passcode to specific chat then you need to open that person chat and press menu button on your device here you will find Lock Chat Feature. One great thing about this feature is that you can use a different passcode to this both. It will give you more security to your chat.

  • Root does not require to use this mod application: If you want to use this Whatsapp mod apk than you don’t need to root your android device. Yes, you can download and install the GBWhatsApp apk on your unrooted Android device.
  • This latest mod version support 100+ languages: This GBWhatsapp Apk supports more than 100+ language that is too much the official Whatsapp messenger apk. This application is being used worldwide because of this feature.
  • Now, You got a High-quality video call and audio call facility: You also got these feature in official Whatsapp apk, but with this mod version, you got high-quality service without facing any type of issues.
  • You able to hide your personal chat and assign pattern lock for privacy: If you want to assign a security to your specific chat than it is possible with inbuilt lock facility. You also able to add more privacy by adding pattern lock with passcode security. It will give you double privacy to your personal chat.
  • So, You able to send 90 images at a time which is not possible in official Whatsapp: In official Whatsapp apk you only able to send 10 images at a time, but now in GBWhatsapp Apk you able to send 90 images at a time.
  • You can set to your last seen 24*7 hour online with the always online feature of the app: If you want to set your last seen to always online than it is possible with “always online” feature of GBWhatsapp Apk. You can be done this from the menu(three dots) then tap on always online. Now it will show you always online to your contacts even if you are not connected to the internet or not use GBWhatsapp apk. If you want to disable this then you need do the same procedure for it.
  • Ability to send 50 MB Video instead of 16 MB in official Whatsapp: In official Whatsapp Apk you only able to send 16 MB video, but now in this GBWhatsapp Apk you can send up to 50 MB video to your contact.
  • You can create broadcast list member of 600+ contacts: You can also able to create a broadcast list in official Whatsapp apk. But now in this GBWhatsApp apk, you able to create a broadcast list with up 600 members.
  • Also able to change Whatsapp icon and notification bar icon: If you want to change your application icon than it is also possible with mod apk. You also able to change notification icon bar in GBwhatsapp Apk.
  • Many customs themes are available: If you want to change you Whatsapp theme than you can do these from menu => GBSetting => Custom Themes. You got lots of themes here, so you can use any theme to set it to your Whatsapp.
  • Well, You can also able to submit your own custom theme:  You also able to submit your own create them to this mod application for that you need to submit your request to the application developer.
  • Safe to use without any risk: It is 100% safe to use without facing any type of issues.
  • Able to set group name up to 35 characters long: In official Whatsapp apk you can set your group name only up to 23 characters, but now in this GBWhatsapp apk you can set it up to 35 characters long.
  • You able to assign a password to your WhatsApp account: If you want to assign a passcode security to your personal chat than it is possible with this feature. You can be done these from menu => gbsetting => Lock.
  • So, You able to disable video call feature: If you do not want to use video call service than you disable it easily from GB setting option menu.
  • With this update, new emojis are added and old bugs are fixed: There are lots of new emojis are added to this latest version of GBWhatsapp Apk and also all other old bugs are fixed.
  • You can set image or video status to your status board that is visible to your contacts for only 24 hours: With this feature, you can set video or image to your status board for 24 hours only which is visible to your contacts. This feature is also available in official Whatsapp messenger apk.
  • So, You can change your status board privacy: If you want to make your status visible to your specific person only then it is possible it with this features.
  • Well, You able to download your friend video status directly: If you want to download video or images from your any contact status board than you can do this directly by click on three dots on the upper right corner as in below image.
  • You can read any message without it mark as a read with the help of blue tick feature: if you want to read anyone message without blue tick than you need to disable blue tick option on your WhatsApp from the menu(three dots) => privacy => Blue Ticks as shown in below image.
  • Well, You can easily set you last seen to offline: So, You can change your last seen to offline even you are using Whatsapp. You can do these from the menu(three dots) => privacy =? Hide Online Status as shown in below image.
  • Use dual Whatsapp account: If you want to use dual Whatsapp account than it is possible with this mod application. For that, you need to keep install GBWhatsapp and Official Whatsapp Apk on your device.
  • You can also able to use your Whatsapp account even if you are set your last seen to offline: If you change you’re last seen to offline then you also able to use your Whatsapp account without showing you online to your contacts.
  • No ban issues after the successful battle: You can use this application without facing any type of problem.
  • So, You can send group invitation link easily to your friends to join Whatsapp group: If you want to add many members to your WhatsApp group then you make this procedure easy by sending group invitation link to your contacts.
  • You don’t need third-party lock application protect your Whatsapp chat Because it has an inbuilt facility: As we say in the beginning of the article, you do not need any third party application to assign a password to your Whatsapp account. You can do these with inbuilt lock facility feature of GBWhatsapp Apk.

GBWhatsApp Apk Free Download 2022

After listing all detail feature of GbWhatsApp apk, here we are going to give you safe and secure link to download GBWhatsApp apk latest version for Android devices. GBWhatsapp apk is compatible with most of all android device. So, if you have any android device then you can easily install this awesome mod application on your device. Finally, here below we give you a direct link to download GBWhatsapp Apk. So, if you face any type of problem in the downloading process then drop your comment below or directly contact us. We give our best try to solve your issue.

Application Name: GBWhatsapp Apk
App Version: v.6.10
App Size: 36.4MB
Root Access: No
Cost: Free
Platform: Android
Required: 4.0 or Above

Is root require to install GBWhatsApp Apk

You can download and install GBWhatsapp apk on any android device without root. As we know there are many other mod application requires root to access all feature of the application like lucky patcher but this gbwhatsapp apk doesn’t require root to access full features. So if your device is not rooted then you don’t need to root it. Just download the apk file from here and enjoy its cool features.

How To Install GBWhatsApp Apk On Any Android Device (GBWhatsApp Installation Guide)

If you want to get guidance on how to install GBWhatsApp apk then you can read below-given steps. The installation process of this mod application is also same as another android application. But still, here we give you step by step process for how to install GBWhatsapp app. Here below we give you installation process step by step. But still, if you get any issue in installation process then fill free to us or drop your comment to inform us.

  • If your device Unknown Source option is disabled then installation of GBWhatsapp application is not possible. So, you have to first check this option is enable or not. To enable this option go to setting => security and here you find an “Unknown Source” option. If this option is disabled then switch it to enable mode to start the installation process.
  • Now, download GBWhatsapp apk from above link.
  • Open download file directory on your device.
  • Click on that apk file.
  • Now press next and next until you got “app install” message on your device screen.
  • After the successful installation process, tap on the open button to enjoy this awesome mod application.

How To Install Two GBWhatsapp In One Mobile Without Root

Now here, we are going to give you dual WhatsApp trick. With this GBwhatsapp trick, you can use two Whatsapp accounts in a single device. For that, you need to install two Whatsapp. Yes, it is possible to install two Whatsapp application in the single device. One is official WhatsApp apk and second is GBWhatsapp Apk. So you need to keep both the application installed on your device to use dual Whatsapp.

In our last article, we also share the latest version of Whatsapp Messenger Apk. So if you want to download this WhatsApp Messenger Apk then click on below download link. Here we give you a safe and secure download link. So if you face any problem in the downloading process then feel free to us.

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GBWhatsApp For PC

Now, here we are going to show you how to use GBWhatsapp Apk on PC. Currently, GBWhatsapp Apk is not developed for PC. But here we give you some alternative ways to use GBWhatsapp Apk on PC(Windows/MAC). If you want to use GBWhatsapp Apk on your PC/Laptop then you need to download an android emulator for PC. There are many android emulator software is available for PC/Laptop but these are premium version. So, here we suggest you free android emulator software for your PC that is blue stacks emulator. The BlueStacks is free to use android emulator software for PC device which is developed with American technology. BlueStacks emulator enables your PC to run any android application on your PC.

The BlueStacks emulator works as a bridge between in PC and Android App. That directly run your Android application on PC. So, if you want to use any android application on your PC then it best ways for it. This emulator is work for Windows and MAC PC. So you can also use this emulator software in your MAC PC. Here below we give you a direct link to download blue stacks emulator for PC.

Download GBWhatsApp For iOS Devices

Gbwhatsapp Apk is currently developed or available Android devices because it is open source platform. The GBWhatsapp for iOS device is currently not available or not develop. GBWhatsapp for iOS devices developed soon. So stay in touch with us to download GBWhatsapp for iOS devices. We update this article to share a new version of GBWahtsapp Apk for iOS device when it is complete develop. Don’t worry about it we share GBWhatsapp for iOS device fast much as possible.

Final Sentence For GBWhatsApp Apk

Here we share all the information related to GBWhatsapp Apk. And also give you direct and safe link to download GBWhatsapp Apk for Android devices. So, if you face any problem in downloading task then drop your comment or directly contact us to solve your query. Here we also give you alternative ways to use GBWhatsapp on PC. If you like our this article then share it with your social media network friends. And also rate GBWahtsapp Apk by rate this article. Thank You.



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