Download FTS 19 Apk Data+OBB+Mod: FTS 19 APK for Android

Games are an integral of this society nowadays and since its introduction, the mindset of gamers are changing day by day. Most of the users will be checking out for some amazing football game on their device and we are up here with an amazing game called FTS 19. There are a lot of gamers who are searching out for an android game with some amazing in game physics and graphics. So, in this article we are going to talk about First Touch Soccer 2019 aka FTS 19 game for Android

There are numerous applications getting introduced and are being downloaded every second by these android users. Android Games are ones those that have gained popularity in this platform. There are a lot of football fans over world wide and to pick up a perfect football game for android device is a tedious job. So we have tried and picked up this amazing FTS 19 apk  for andriod and we are pretty sure that, you guys will enjoy this latest FTS 19 APK for android.

After the release of FTS 18 for android, Most of the gamers all around the globe are shown some interest  in First Touch Soccer as they know that they will not be disappointed with their decision of downloading the game. The feature which they have on the 19 version are simply mindblowing and the developers have made a huge effort in thinking out of the box.  Here we help you to get the FTS 19 apk free download for android for your android device.

FTS 19 APK Download: FTS 19 APK+OBB on Android

As we mentioned above, there are a lot of football games around in the market and the reason for this is that, people now a days are more into football than any other game. So as the amount of football games available in the market is also rising day by day. There are good number of games which have have swept off the users, but the case is that most of the games will be either paid or wont be compatible.  But when it comes to the First touch soccer APK for android, its a game with the superb in game graphics as well as most of the features is free and that makes FTS 19 APK more favorable one among the gamers. In this article we will help you to download the latest version of FTS 19 APK+OBB and Data for any android devices.

When it comes to FTS 19, there are a lot of features that gives up a real in game feel though and to all our readers, we have updated this article with the download links of  FTS 19 APK + OBB  files for your device with complete tutorial on how to install the game files. Like every other game, there are certain amazing features for FTS 19 APK. Let’s go through some of them before the installation process. To Download more game like Geometry Dash APK keep visiting our website.

Features of FTS 19 Android APK

For most of the people around the world, soccer is like a religion and this can be seen while we watch live games and the fan’s adrenaline rush will be so huge. So When we take the case of FTS 19 APK, the developers has showed up real grip to know the gamers intensity. Here you will be able to play the game by feeling up the real heat and on with exclusive realistic conditions. We should appreciate the developers a big time cause, the game is really huge and could say its one of the best.  Our team can give you a clear shot guarantee  that FTS 19 APK will give you the real heat of a real life match. When its compared to the earlier versions FTS 19 is pretty advanced and realistic, the latest version has got many features which makes it a must try game of this year. .

The grand success of the 2K17 version gave the developers a confidence to look forward on making more and updates and I can personally guarantee you that the FTS 19 version will never be a disappointment for you as you will be shocked to the see the new features the developers had added to give gamers a real life experience. We are up here with some of the listed and amazing features of FTS 19 and we are happy to see that, the audience are waiting for this game to get downloaded in their device.

Set your own tunes in game: Some songs have the ability to give you a real fire rush while you listen them. The developers of FTS 19  APK had made huge effort in adding songs which are done by leading artists as well as the all time favorites so that they match the ones that in the playlist of every single user of the game.

Jersey and Kits: In most of the football games, the players will be off  with usual players kit and jersey. In the case of FTS 19 APK  we should say that, scores really a big time. Most of the players are updated with their latest edition jerseys and playing kits You can select any player you like and the game also provides options for designing up your latest Jersey and Kits with the available slots.

Players of FTS 19FTS 19 apk  has got an updated list of players which gives you a wide range of players to manage and even get them all in a single team as well. Recruiting new players on your team gives a never before feeling of enjoying the skill set as well as the ultimate gaming experience of enjoying your personal favorites under a single banner.

Intense Graphics and Gameplay: This is a unique feature of FTS 19 apk game which makes it distinct from the rest of the soccer games. This version of the game comes with updated graphics, designs and the experience of enjoying the game in different arenas of the era.

Be the Manager: This mode in FTS 19 APK game gives you the ability to manage or in other words control the game. This provides you with features that helps you manage players, use them effectively, rearrange them and effect make your own team with your favorite players. In FTS 19 APK will be given the power of a real manager in the real life soccer team. This also gives you the authority in choosing different arenas and make effective changes in gameplay as well.

Visual Graphics: FTS 19 is one of the most visually satisfying game in recent times and gives you the utmost heat while gaming. The dev team had made huge efforts in making the game as realistic as possible so that gamers get a chance to experience stadium like feel throughout.

Configuration Requirements to install FTS 19 APK+OBB on Android

  • The device should be an android device and it should be running on android 4.0(ice cream sandwitch) or above.
  • The device must have a storage capacity of 350 MB or above to install as the game requires a storage space of 350MB to install.
  • There is a data requirement of 250MB for downloading players, managers and the game itself.

Download FTS 19 MOD APK and OBB for Android [STEPS]

.FTS 19 is one of the best game available in the market and you can install the same out of easily than the other android games. The basic thing you need to follow is that, you need to make sure that you need to fulfill the necessary requirements we have mentioned down below and your device should satisfy the same. Once we are done, you can set back to the screen and enjoy the game by launching it .

FTS on android APK
  • First of all, you should make sure that you have enough space in your memory to install the game. If you have pre installed the game, then you should uninstall and install FTS 19 APK on your device. So that you can enjoy the latest and advanced features of this game.
  • Secondly Make sure that you have complete internet access in your device in order to install the latest FTS 19 APK+OBB in your device.
  • Now you have to download the latest FTS 19 APK+OBB from the given below link and you need to move it to a specific folder.
  • Once you have downloaded the ZIP file, you need to extract it and move the FTS 19 APK and FTS 19 OBB files in your SD Card.
  • Now once you have completed the above step, you need to move the downloaded FTS 19 OBB file to the Android/OBB folder. If there’s no folder like that in your device, just create it and move FTS 19 OBB to the folder.
  • And now you want to Move the data file to Android/Data folder.
  • Now you need to install the FTS 19 APK on your device and the game icon will be present, tap on it on the app drawer and enjoy the game.

During the installation of FTS 19 APK+OBB game, there can be slight changes such as the default language may no be english which can be changed by following the given below steps.

  • Once you complete the installation is done, you need launch the game first.
  • Now the game screen will be up and you need to. This will take to the important setting of the game where you can find many settings regarding the game.
  • Find the advanced settings of FTS 19 apk game.
  • There you find an option to change the language and find the apt language for your use and set is as default.
  • You have successfully changed the language of the game so that you can enjoy the gaming experience with any difficulty.

CONCLUSION: As we all know that soccer is one of the top rated sport of the era and fanbase of the game is beyond limits. Soccer games has got a whole lot of fans all around the globe and that makes the developers confident that if they provide with best quality gaming experience which they did in FIRST TOUCH SOCCER 19 APK game, the gaming community will promote the game as they did to the 2022 version.

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