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Download Photo Editor APK – Best Android Photo Editor

Photo Editor apk is the lightest android photo editor. This photo editor has the richest features. You can do a lot with photos in this editor. You can edit poetry, make banners, edit your personal photos and many more. Download Photo Editor APK from here below:

Download Photo Editor APK Description

Photo Editor is a little yet amazing photo altering application.In the event that you have some information of photography, you can complete a great deal with Photo Editor.Presently use Photo Editor to alter photos on your cell phone simply like you would on a PC.

Photo Editor APK Features :

There are wonder full features of this android photo editor which makes it unique among all the photo editors f0r android. The size of this application is just only 4 mbs but have a lot of features, some of them are given below:

  • Shading : presentation, brilliance, differentiate, immersion, temperature, tint and tone
  • Bends and Levels : tweaking of hues
  • Impacts : gamma revision, auto differentiate, auto tone, vibrance, obscure, hone, oil paint, draw, dark and white high difference, sepia, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg
  • Including content, pictures or shapes
  • Casing, Denoise, Drawing, Pixel, Clone, Cut Out
  • Turn, Straighten, Crop, Resize
  • Remedies : point of view, focal point, red-eye, white parity and backdrop illumination
  • Effectively alter with the touch and squeeze to-zoom interface
  • Spare pictures in JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP and PDF
  • View, alter, or erase Metadata (EXIF, IPTC, XMP)
  • Spare your last outcome to your display, as backdrop, or on your SD card
  • Offer photos with email, SNS and then some
  • Bunch, Crop(Puzzle), Compress to ZIP, Create PDF, Animated GIF
  • Page Capture, Video Capture, PDF Capture(Lollipop+)
  • Advertisement free choice is accessible (Settings > Purchase Items)
  • Crop Images 
  • Different Effects
  • Fonts embed and can be customized
  • Image Rotation with different custom options
  • Blur images into different shapes.
  • Very Easy for designing social media and other marketing banners
  • Poetry and Quotes easily can be designed 

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Download Photo Editor APK Screenshots

Some snap shots of Photo Editor app is given following: These pics some how shows How this application actually works.


Photo Editor  Features – Power of Photo Editor App -video

Below video is the official video made by the  developers of this android application. This video show the features of this photo editor and show how power full this photo editor is: