920 Text Editor APK

920 text editor apk for Android

920 text editor apk is the text editor like note pad. with the help of this text editor you can edit text files and other codding files. 920 text editor also support syntax highlights for different programming languages. You can download 920 text editor apk from here below:

920 Text Editor apk Description

920 text editor is power full editor. It can edit the files with multiple features. edit multiple files in once. Editor has good syntax highlighter. This editor makes you easy to edit files on your android phone. This editor is just like note pad ++ of windows. Editor have many features, some of them are given below:

920 Text Editor Features:

  • create, edit, update,read  files in different programming languages like C, C++, java, PHP, HTML, CSS and many more languages
  • Multiple tabs files
  • Save and save as feature
  • show number of lines
  • color picker
  • date picker

In short 920 text editor is light weight editor of smallest size of 900kbs contains very rich features, almost all the features which you need.

920 Text Editor Screenshots:

Here are some snaps of 920 Text Editor apk installed on android phone. See below: these will help you to understand this Text Editor.

Download 920 text editor apk

920 Text Editor apk

920 text editor apk free download

920 text editor apk for Android

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